Mamaw: A Novel of an Outlaw Mother, by Susan Dodd ****

By now you have figured out that while I usually review books that have just been published or are about to be, once in awhile I pull out an old favorite, or review something I have just found, though it was published awhile back. This one was originally published in 1999, but used copies can still be had by those who are interested.
mamaw diary of
I was riveted by the title. I didn’t know anyone else out there had even had a “Mamaw”, let alone the James brothers! Now that I’ve done a little checking, I know better, but when I was growing up, I believed that my grandparents were the only “Mamaw” and “Papaw” anyone had, a completely unique pair of nicknames.

Turns out it is a product of the wild west, which makes absolute sense, both for the James brothers’ mother, and for my father’s parents, who bore him in a clapboard shack on a dusty patch in eastern Wyoming and raised him in a mining town in South Dakota.

The narrative here is good work. It isn’t brilliant, but it held my attention. If you are interested in historical fiction, outlaws, or the James brothers specifically, consider reading this book.

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