Fierce Patriot: The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman, by Robert L. O’Connell*****

fiercepatriotThis wonderful biography has just hit the shelves, so I am reprinting my review. I did finish reading it, and the rest of it was just as excellent as the first 25 percent. Highly recommended!

Seattle Book Mama

 I was able to read this in advance of its publication, thanks to Net Galley. If you can’t find it, I am sure you can pre-order it. And you should!

This is a brilliant analysis of American history’s most controversial, complicated, and I would add, heroic general. In writing it now, rather than waiting till I am finished reading the book, I break one of my own rules; I am an academic, and I pour over prose; sticky note pages (or mark them electronically); make little notes; and only then, when I have thoroughly analyzed every single page, do I set down my review. To do so when I am only 25 percent finished, as I am doing now, means that the book is worth having if you pay the full cover price and read only a quarter of it (though I plan to finish at my happy leisure…

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