The Warmth and Comfort of a Good Book


About Me

My name is Donna Davis, and I am a retired teacher. An academic’s dream retirement gig is reading all those books that have been calling to us from the corners of our shelves, and so I have gone from the classroom to paradise. This blog has provided me the chance to read and review excellent literature before it hits the stores, and so I am delightfully busy with the printed word.

My purpose in creating this blog is to share  books about the things, people, and events that affect every day people the most, both fictionally and in nonfiction, across a wide array of genres.  

This blog is in its ninth year, and I’m still going strong. There’s a certain satisfaction in maintaining a rhythm; let’s face it, I am never going to run out of books! 

Review Policy

It’s a treat to run across a brilliant debut novel, but I don’t accept, read, or review unsolicited manuscripts or self-published work. I also don’t run guest blogs.

Net Galley has been an indispensable partner, though I also review books from other sources. Most of my favorite books come from the major publishing houses that have learned that although I am not always a flattering reviewer, I am a fair and dependable one. Special thanks go to Simon and Schuster, Random House, Putnam Penguin, Doubleday,  and St. Martin’s Press, who consistently provide me with high quality literature. Because of their largesse, I am an Amazon top reviewer.

That said–as you can see–I am never shy when it comes to sharing my honest opinion about a book, regardless of who provided it. Because I sometimes have hard things to say about a galley, I like having a buffer between the author and me. So once again, since it’s been an issue lately: don’t offer me your “free” book. I prefer to get these through established sources. I do not reply to authors soliciting reviews. I also don’t respond to free product offers. 

Whether you read digitally, or prefer to flip open an old-fashioned paper copy and drink in the story there, I hope you’ll join me.                          

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