The Dog Lived (and So Will I) by Teresa J. Rhyne****


  Thanks! I needed that. (My fifth star is generally reserved for works of greatness or the extraordinary; as light reads go, this one is as good as it gets).

In late April of 2013, my teenager went out walking with our beagle, as is her custom, after school. We live in a major urban US city, and our home is on a secondary arterial. It was Friday at rush hour, and she was deep inside her head. When the two of them crossed the street without looking, the driver who hit them hadn’t the time to even brake or sound the horn. It was so fast, and so sickening.

Two months later, my daughter has recovered from her concussion and broken leg, but when I found this wonderful e-book, the dog was still in the cone-o-doom, and he had worn my patience right down to the nub. At first we were, naturally, just delighted he was alive and did not lose his leg, but doing nurse duty for an injured beagle 24/7 will take it out of a person. I was looking for a not-too-pricey book for my e-reader, and this one looked just like what the doctor ordered. And it was.

In The Dog Lived (and So Will I), Seamus (for you non-Gaelic-proficient folks, that’s SHAY-muss) the beagle gets cancer, and like me, the writer has a cone-headed beagle that needs constant attention. I laughed my butt off at the typically beagle-like incidents involving garbage, stolen food, and the time he got his cone-headed self stuck in the doggie door. Yes, yes, yes.

Rhyne is dumbfounded, just as the dog is pronounced clear and clean, to find that the lump in her right breast is what she feared it was. Though I have never had cancer, I have nursed a spouse through a particularly sinister type of the disease, so again, this struck home. She takes an appropriately serious tone, but also includes enough of the kind deeds of others and the coping mechanisms she used to lighten it up to readable level. There is no funereal air to it; it won’t bring you down. And just as the title suggests, she gets through it, comes back clean, and we can all go to sleep at the end of the book feeling oh, so much better.

My only sorrow is that I went through it so quickly! I need another book now. Aroooo!

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