Note of Thanks; I’ll Be Back Soon!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This week marks this blog’s second anniversary! I note with satisfaction that although my number of followers has climbed slowly, it has climbed rather than fallen. Thank you for making the journey with me.

The blog still hasn’t made money, and this week, as I took some seriously cute photos and vid clips of our new beagle puppy, I realized that if I threw the clips up on YouTube or converted my blog from books to beagles, I could probably find a much quicker income. And just as quickly I decided not to do that. There are already so many entertaining puppy blogs and videos, and if I did that, I could not also make the time and energy to do this. Nevertheless, here’s one picture to show you what I’ve been up to:

Ox day 1

For another few days things will be slow here at Seattle Book Mama. I am teaching our new family member not to eat the cables, walk on tables, nor attempt to access the kitchen counter. He has lived the first months of his life in a kennel, and so when I brought him home Tuesday, it was the first time he had come to live in a house. And for a breed reputed to have a low IQ compared to others, I have to say he’s coming along nicely.

So there will be new posts soon. I have finished reading Love for Lydia; Chancers; Friendly Fire; and Grant and Sherman, by Charles Bracelin Flood. In other words, a romance; a memoir that also deals with addiction and the criminal justice system in the US; biography blended with history of Vietnam War; and another memoir that deals with the American Civil War. And when I curl up at night, the books that have my attention are historical fiction (French Revolution); literary fiction; and mystery. All told, it’s a good cross sampling of much of what I’ve been doing, and so you can expect more of it soon.

Thank you again for your support these two years, and you can expect this note to be replaced with a new blog entry within the next week.

Donna Davis

Seattle Book Mama

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