Our Man in Charleston, by Christopher Dickey *****

A host of really good books were released July 21, when I was in the midst of my book giveaway, and so I’m reblogging the best of the best on any day I don’t have a brand new review to post. If you could only read ten books on the American Civil War, I’d include this one.

Seattle Book Mama

OurmanincharlestonThis is the most fascinating book I’ve read in a long time! Equal parts biography and American Civil War nonfiction, it details the experiences of Britain’s foremost spy, Robert Bunch, who was living in Charleston, South Carolina when the Civil War began and for its duration. I am truly grateful to Crown Publishers and Net Galley for permitting me to read the DRC in advance. And perhaps it is just as well, in a way, that my kindle fell in the potty when I was done and with it went hundreds (genuinely) of notations that I made as I wended my way through it; I had procrastinated writing this review because there was so much I wanted to say. Too much, in fact! Sometimes I have to remind myself I am writing a review for would-be readers who might want to discover a few things on their own. Part of…

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