The Fateful Lightning, by Jeff Shaara *****

Thinking today about slavery, the Civil Rights movement, and things that still need to be done. Shaara’s novel is really great, and it was recently released. So for everything our forefathers did to erase the treatment of African-Americans as chattel…and for everything that needs to be done to end the violence against people of color by cops and other governmental employees and institutions…here is a reblog. One more thing? #TakeDowntheFlag!

Seattle Book Mama

thefatefullightningThose that love strong Civil War fiction have to get this book. It comes out in June, but thanks to the wonderful people at Net Galley and Random House/Ballantine Publishers, I was able to sneak a peek ahead of time. Although it is the fourth in a series, it also works really well as a stand-alone novel if you know the basic facts regarding Sherman’s siege of Atlanta and its subsequent burning. As we join him and his hardened veterans fighting under Howard and Slocum, “the two fists that Sherman intended to drive through the heart of the deep South”, they prepare to march to the sea.

I have read every one of Shaara’s novels, those about the Civil War as well as the American Revolution and US war against Mexico. I am a fan. The last in the series, The Smoke at Dawn, left me hovering between a four…

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