I Freed Myself: African-American Self-Emancipation in the Civil War Era, by David Williams *****

I’m reblogging this compelling, informative nonfiction that apparently never took off in terms of sales. Because right now is the time to acknowledge the contributions and power of African-Americans, whose voices were too often unheard before the internet provided a more democratic, accessible forum. #Takedownthatflag

Seattle Book Mama

 Williams is smoking hot when it comes to the role of African-Americans in the American Civil War. The overstatement that Lincoln freed the slaves rubs many of us, and his thesis that not only did the slaves largely set themselves free, but were pivotal to the Union’s ultimate victory, is a strong one.

In Marxist organizations, there is an expression for a political over-correction. It’s called “bending the stick too far back”. The idea is that you want the stick to be straight up, but sometimes when something has been done wrong, and once the evidence piles up until the reader cannot believe that anyone was dumb enough to think otherwise, it can cause other mitigating facts to be obscured; thus, the stick is bent too far the other way. And although I really like the work Williams has done here, and am making my 4.5 rating round up…

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