Pretty Ugly, by Kirkus Butler ****

prettyuglyIt’s vulgar, utterly tasteless, and very, very funny. Pretty Ugly, by Kirker Butler, a man who is no stranger to edgy comedy, skewers a whole herd of sacred cows within the confines of its humble two covers. Just be ready!

Thank you and thank you again to St. Martins Press and Net Galley for the DRC.

The Millers are a good Christian family. Naturally, they would never send their children to public schools; instead, they are home-schooled by grandma Joan, who receives personal messages from Jesus, with whom she has a personal relationship. Papa Ray is never home; he works as a nurse, popping whatever narcotics and other prescription meds happen to be lying around, treating them as his own personal escapist lottery.

Miranda, now a mother, was once a beauty queen herself, and she’s made daughter Bailey into the family’s own teensy beauty queen industry. Hey, who doesn’t love a good kiddie pageant?

“Fifty scantily clad prepubescent girls scampered about like the main attraction in a Bangkok coffee shop: sexy children marketed as wholesome family entertainment. The room reeked of anxiety, tanner, and schadenfreude.”

Ray has found every conceivable way to avoid going home. He’s taken a second job as a hospice nurse, working five nights weekly, imbibing his patients’ pain medications and waiting for them to die so he can put another notch on his belt.

And now there’s Courtney.

This won’t be a novel to everyone’s taste, but if you lean slightly to the left and like your humor dark, Butler’s soon-to-be-released gem may be right up your alley!  Watch for it in bookstores at the end of March 2015.

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