A Note Between Reviews

I am stepping outside my usual format for a day to let you know of a wonderful opportunity, if you haven’t caught wind of it elsewhere. (I can’t review a book today anyway, since I am still marching through Napoleon and halfway through a few novels.) But here it is:

Author Sara Paretsky, one of my all time favorite writers, posted on social media that if you tweet or Facebook post a book you are giving this holiday season along with the hashtag # GiveaBook, Random House Penguin will donate to Save the Children.

For me, this is a no-brainer. My whole family knows that unless they are that rare bird, the non-reader, they will be getting a book from me this year. I posted some I am giving and a couple more I wish I could give, if only I could match the brilliant book with the right recipient. You can do this as many times as your heart allows.

So if you wish you could give liberally to a good cause but are constricted by your bank balance, here’s one painless, actually kind of fun way to contribute to the greater good. Your title does not have to be a Random House title; it can be any book at all.

Why not? And if you’d like, just for giggles, feel free to post your titles in the comment section of this blog, too! I’d love to see what titles others are giving.

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