Duma Key, by Stephen King *****

dumakeyThis is half horror story, half love story. For every young person who wants to scream because they think King has lost his edge and doesn’t write as brutally as he did when he was younger, there is a woman out here like me, a member of the boomer generation who likes it this way. The song lyrics and the nostalgia resonate for me like no other writer anywhere. The love that binds members of a family together seem so near and so precious in his hands.

No matter what King writes, it gets placed in the Horror section of bookstores. He says so himself. It’s a given. But the stories he writes, while they almost always (maybe always; I haven’t read everything he has written yet) invoke the supernatural, are not always geared toward horror. Sometimes the supernatural is almost secondary. And in this story, I’d call it fifty-fifty.

To be sure, the climax is one that ought to satisfy any diehard horror fan. But there’s something more, too. And you may never look at the waves of the sea in quite the same way again.

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