Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, by Florence King *****

Bear in mind that this review is being written by a Yankee. My mother was born in the south, but I have not even visited since I was five years old, so I can’t claim any real sense of heritage, apart from a few really kick-ass, cholesterol laden recipes. And the one southerner to whom I loaned this book was deeply, deeply offended by it.

Suffice to say, it is edgy humor, graphic in places. King is not particularly afraid of boundaries, and this clearly is what accounts for some of the ‘failure’ that she really isn’t all that upset about. I have labeled my blog “G” for general audiences, and it applies to what I write here at Seattle Book Mama, but not to all of the books I review. Certainly you won’t find erotica or porn here on my blog, but this book is scarcely “G” rated; it’s edgy, bawdy, and also not entirely heterosexual. If you can’t stand the heat, stay away from the book!

Now that all the caveats are out of the way, let me say I have seldom laughed so hard. Not deep inside, as with some really fine humorists. This isn’t subtle humor; it is bawdy and wicked.

Speaking for myself, I’d say Ms. King is welcome in the Pacific Northwest anytime!

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