For the Record: Yes, but No

My initial plan, when starting this blog, was to post only positive reviews. Recently I saw the flaw: it doesn’t help you sort what I have read and not cared for, from what I just haven’t read. Or maybe it’s just the malevolent little spirit within me that needs to tell you there actually are some pretty bad books out there. If your thinking is anything like mine, this brief list of books that ranked anywhere from “Meh” to “Pee-yoo!” may help you save a few dollars:

Defector in Our Midst, by Tom Fitzgerald is due to hit the shelves August 5.
Cardboard caricature characters make all Muslims except one–the GOOD Muslim,
singular–out as terrorists. Keep your wallet in your pocket.

Conversations with Steve Martin, edited by Robert E. Kapsis, available in
early September. What could be more fun than the words of Steve Martin? A book
written by and about Steve Martin. You want the already-published Born Standing
Up, by Steve Martin, which is very readable and very funny. This piece of dung,
on the other hand, takes magazine interviews from the comedian’s whole career,
snips the quotations and attempts to string them together into something
sequential that makes sense. Booooring.

The Greatest Comeback, by Patrick Buchanan. Who still tries to defend the
Nixon administration? Good luck with that.

Don1 The King From Queens, by Louis Gasparro This graffiti memoir looked
to be a cutting edge book on street art. The guy is not Banksy.

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