The Accident, by Chris Pavone *****

Chris Pavone takes off like a rocket with The Accident, and he doesn’t slow the pace down or allow the reader to even breathe until the last page has been turned. Absolutely riveting!

I was so excited about this compelling novel that I nearly forgot to acknowledge my receipt of it via the First Reads program. And what a read! The story,which centers around what may or may not be a rogue CIA agent and the publishing industry, struck me as highly original. They say you should write what you know, and he has (clearly) had two long decades in the latter. I laughed at the reference to a speed reading course; I took one myself as a college prep class almost forty years ago, and have not been able to slow my reading since. But this insider’s peek at the publishing industry made me really glad that I can pick and choose what to read and review, rather than having endless galleys thrust upon me to absorb my personal time.

Setting and character are done in a way that allows the reader to peek from behind the character’s eyes and take everything in, or zoom in on the character from outside, and the action does not slow a bit, but is rather enhanced by the detail.

Short version: get it. Read it. Do it now!

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