Halfway In: the Best Nonfiction Books from January through June

I am impressed. The first half of 2019 has given us an unusual number of high quality nonfiction reads. Whether you’re interested in history, world politics, or biographies of the noteworthy, you almost can’t go wrong.

The first book I read by myself was this man’s. Revered by teachers, librarians, and parents as well, this virtual patron saint of children’s literature was a complex man that led an extraordinary life.
Makos cut no corners here, and his style is engaging too. This is hands down one of the best books about World War II you will find anywhere.
Fourcade was a key player in the French Resistance. Riveting.
One woman’s story is used as a framework to tell the story of the Republican struggle for autonomy in Northern Ireland. Deeply moving.

Contemporary retelling of the debacle that was the Spanish American War.
A personal favorite. Thompson is an expert in her field, and she treats Polynesian history and geography with a level of respect that is missing in previous work done by others. Also: she is damn funny sometimes!