A Note from Your Blogger

Summer time in Seattle; what’s not to love? One of my favorite things besides books is when family and friends come to Seattle. When they stay here, I win three times: I get to see them without leaving home; I have an excuse to go out and do some of the touristy things that are enjoyable, but that I tend to take for granted and ignore until someone I love is here to see it with brand new eyes; and I have the opportunity to in some small way repay the kindnesses that have been done me over the years.

The downside: I neglect my blog.

So if any of my faithful readers has noticed my absence–I believe this two week, unplanned hiatus is the longest I’ve gone without posting, and that includes a different occasion when we had a death in the family–rest assured that I am still reading, and the reviews are about to start popping again.

Here are some titles on my already-read-it-but-haven’t-reviewed-it-yet list, and so you can expect to see them here soon, and in most cases before the month of July is over:

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